Tuesday, June 6, 2017

book review: whiskey words & a shovel by r.h. Sin

title: whiskey words & a shovel
author: r.h. Sin
genre: poetry
publisher: andrews mcmeel publishing
rating: 5 stars
publication date: december  25, 2015

whiskey words & a shovel by r.h. Sin
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"i'd like to think that our souls
might be familiar with each other the way this conversation is flowing

though not physically
i'm meeting you with every word"

Completely revised and expanded brand-new edition of Volume I, the first book in the Whiskey poetry trilogy!

Whiskey, Words, and a Shovel, Vol. 1, is about reclaiming your power on the path to a healthy relationship. It is a testament to choosing to love yourself, even if it means heartbreak.

Originally released in 2015, this re-rerelease packs the same punch as the first version, but makes an even greater connection with the soul of the reader. Each piece has been re-seen and revamped to reflect the author’s continuing journey with his partner, Samantha King, without whom this book would not exist. Samantha is the muse, the “she” the writer speaks of; she is every woman who has felt like she wasn’t good enough, and every woman who struggles to find love.  

My Thoughts

Yet another amazing read! I loved seeing Sin work his magic, and I now see why everyone really likes his work. His word choice, tone, and subject matter, are what made me love this one. So much so, that I'd say this one is my new favorite poetry read this year! I have never read something more real and bold. Sin gives readers amazing relationship advice and stories, and exposes the harsh havoc relationships can bring us. He also shows both sides of a relationship, sharing experiences that both men and women can relate too. 

Relationships are a real struggle for me, and I found it refreshing to see someone put words to both my thoughts and feeling. Sin doesn't hold anything back in this collection, and I loved seeing his revamped works. He is as real as ever, and will have readers coming back for more. The tone of this collection was perfect and right where it needed to be, especially with the vulnerable subject matter. 

Whiskey, Words, and a Shovel was the read I have been looking for. Full of love advice and passion, Sin has crafted a work that readers will be reading for years to come. By looking at his experiences, I feel less alone. He taught me how to recognize theose I should keep close, and what bridges I need to burn. Thank you Sin, for giving the world the book it needed. I can't wait to see where you'll take me next!

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  1. Love this book collection. Actually love is an understatement. While I was in a bad relationship it applied to me. Its over now and the book gives me consolation. Amazing!