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Hello! My name is Katelyn and I'm addicted to reading books. I originally started out as a Bookstagram page on Instagram, and have now ventured out into the world of blogging. I love reading YA more then anything else, but I do occasionally read Adult books here and there. My two favorite genres are Fantasy and Sci-fi. Ever since I read The Lord of the Rings and Star Trek, I've been hooked. I also enjoy reading Dystopian and Romance novels, as well as Mysteries and Thriller too. Besides reading, I love animals. I own four cats. . . yes I said four. I also own a lot of fish in my pond around back. I enjoy coffee and tea, I think I might have a bad addiction to it, but who's keeping track of how many cups I've had today? Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading just as much as I do, because your going to hopefully be hearing from me a lot. So, drink some coffee, love a cat, watch out for those feels, and dive into a good book you cant wait to read! 

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  1. Hey Katelynn, couldn't find where to subscribe to your blog.