Monday, May 29, 2017

Book Reveiw: Watercolor Words by Topher Kearby

Title: Watercolor Words
Author: Topher Kearby
Genre: Poetry
Publisher: Gray Force Publishing
Rating: 4.5 Stars

Watercolor Words by Topher Kearby
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Topher Kearby explores the themes of heartbreak, love, happiness, wonder, and so much more through poetry, words, and art. Enjoy modern poetry, scanned pieces of typed words on scraps, and full color original artwork.

Open your mind and let your heart go on an adventure.


the good thing in life
- the really good stuff -
you know...
the kind of stuff that 
makes your teeth rattle

that stuff is always a bit 
exciting. a bit frighting.
a bit wonderful.
a bit terrible. 
a bit everything.

go out and find 
that stuff."

-topher kearby

My Thoughts

Everyone alive should read this book. I have never felt more connected with a book. Watercolor Words perfectly embodies every hiccup and emotion I have ever stumbled upon throughout my life so far, and it is surreal. All I can say is well done Kearby, well done. There are two main things I absolute loved about his one; first how relatable the poetry is, and second Kearby's writing style. Oh, and the artwork of course.

I feel that Kearby's writing style brings a whole new perspective to poetry, and it was so beautiful to see him open up and also feel ripped open at the same time. I'm not going to lie, be prepared for tears to be shed, they were for me anyways. I also enjoyed seeing his style compared to other poetry writers I've seen. Kearby's style was quite refreshing, and has a completely new vibe to it. His work is also so unique; the artwork was exquisite. I haven't read a poetry book with so much vivid, colorful artwork incorporated with it. The artist in me was very pleased, I loved seeing all his original work, both written and drawn, come together to form truly stunning and unique way to read a book.

Watercolor Words grabbed me from the first page, to the last piece of artwork. It was so beautiful. Yes, this book made me cry. Yes, this book made me laugh. But this book mostly empowered me to feel again. Times have been tough, and I'm so glad I found this book on that crammed poetry shelve of my bookstore, because it reminded me that I don't need wings to fly. I highly recommend this book to everyone, especially those who feel lost. I hope you find yourself again, like I did. 

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