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Book Review: Lost Nowhere by Phoebe Garnsworthy

Title: Lost Nowhere 
Author: Phoebe Garnsworthy
Genre: Poetic Fantasy/Spiritual/Magical Realism
Rating: 5 Stars
Lost Nowhere by Phoebe Garnsworthy
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Lily doesn't like change although it seems to follow her everywhere she goes: change of house, change of school, change of friends. She does a pretty good job at rejecting it every chance she gets, but when she stumbles upon an enchanted world full of crystal stone beaches, mermaids, and witches, everything moves faster than she can even perceive possible. And no one seems to be bothered by it! She has two choices—stay in misery on her own, or learn how to surrender.

Lost Nowhere is a poetic fantasy, woven with spirituality and magical realism, that will encourage readers to learn how to accept fate and love themselves.

Lost Nowhere is a must-read for anyone who has questioned what life is and why we are here.

My Review

Stunning! Unforgettable! Breath-taking! Those are the words that come to mind after reading this book. Garnsworthy has truly outdone herself and gave the world a book that it has been waiting for. I haven't read this good of a book in a really long time. Lost Nowhere is a book that has made me question every aspect as to how a see myself and also how I see others around me. And has also challenged my morals and how I've never truly thought of the value of the things around me. For her first novel, Garnsworthy has created a show-stopper, a show-stopper that the world has been waiting for. With whimsical taste and creative flare, Garnsworthy has completely blown me away. Gransworthy's creative writing style, imaginative world and characters, and spiritual guidance has made this a book that every reader has been waiting for.

As a first time author, Garnsworthy is killing it with her creative writing style. I have never read something so visually compelling and fascinating in my entire life. It's almost like meditation, but with a fun spiritual twist added to it. I have never felt so connected to a writing style before. It's almost like you can hear Galsworthy's voice shine true to the story she has written, and how you can feel her love and love for her readers throughout the novel. There were times when I was almost in tiers, I have never read and felt connected to an author's values or morals in such a way before. It was truly compelling, and every reader should get the chance to experience it too.

 Along with a compelling writing style, Lost Nowhere takes you to a whole new world where anything and everything can happen. I loved Garnsworthy's inspiring world and characters so much! Lily is such a reliable and mundane character, she reminded me a lot of myself throughout the novel. And I have a feeling that other readers felt the same way too. I also loved the other amazing unique characters, like Jackques and Crysanthe, that would teach you and Lily something new with every new adventure Lily embarks on. You learn something new whether it be a skill or revelation, Garnsworthy slowly teaches her readers something new. I read long into the night and early morning because I couldn't put it down, the world and characters Garnsworthy created were just so good. They kept me on the edge of my seat!

 And speaking of learning, I have never felt more connected to a book in such an up-close and personal way before. Garnsworthy gives her readers so much spiritual guidance throughout her incredible story that everyone a live should read this book. Especially those who feel lost within this world, or within themselves. Garnsworthy teaches readers how to shut-out the bad things in life that weigh us down, and to focus on what really matters; ourselves. She also leads readers on a path that will change the way they see the world around them forever.

With whimsical taste and creative flare, Garnsworthy has completely blown me away. I have never felt more connected to a book in such an up-close and personal way before. Lost Nowhere is a book that everyone a live should read! Especially those who need a little more love, and cherishment in their lives. As a new writer Garnsworthy really has an amazing and visually creative writing style, and I can't wait to see were her writing takes her in the future. So until then Phoebe, I'll be waiting to see what adventure you will take me on next!

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