Thursday, July 7, 2016

A HUGE Announcement! Bookstagram Tour Host!

Okay so I have some every exciting new! I'm going to be part of a Bookstagram Tour! Yes, that's right there are such things as Bookstagram Tours. Grace form LovingDemBooks created this awesome idea, and you might know her if you've done any BookTube tours through her. She's amazing! She contacted me to see if I was interested, and of course I was. So, if your a Bookstagrammer and want to become a tour host for yourself, click here to find out some more information about the tours, and then at the bottom of the page is a link to the host form. And then if you a accepted, your can then sign up for different tours here. It's a two step process, but I'm so excited that I'm going to be a part of the first Bookstagram tour!

Now that I have my explanations out of the way, it's time to reveal what book I'm going to be touring for you all!

It's Genesis Girl by Jennifer Bradsley, published by one of my absolute favorite publishers Month9Books! I'm so excited that I'm touring this book, I've been meaning to pick this one up and read it. It sounds so good! Just read the blurb below.


Genesis Girls By Jennifer Bardsley
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Their new beginning may be her end.
"Eighteen-year-old Blanca has lived a sheltered life Her entire childhood has been spent a Tabula Rasa School where she's been protected from the Internet.

Blanca has never been online ad doesn't even know how to text. Her lack of a virtual footprint makes her extremely valuable, and upon graduation, Blanca and those like her are sold to the highest bidders.

Blanca is purchased by Cal McNeal, who uses her to achieve personal gain. But the McNeals are soon horrified by just how obedient and non-defiant Blanca is. All those mind-numbing years locked away form society have made her mind almost impenetrable. 

By the time Blamc is ready to think for herself, she is trapped. Her only chance of escape is to go online."


I mean, how cool does this book sound! During this tour, I do plan on reading a reviewing this book for you guys. So stay tuned for a review to come. Disclaimer, I received this book for free, and plan on giving my honest opinion on this book, and not have the fact that I got the book for free sway my review in anyway. But, I don't think you have to worry, this book already has me hooked, just from that blurb. 

Okay, so now all you have to do is wait for the tour to start. It runs from July 16th to August 6th. 
I'll be posting on my Bookstagram page, @thefearlessreader, on July 16th (Review Post), 18th, 22nd, 25th, 26th, 29th, and on August 1st, 4th, and 6th. 

The other tour hosts are listed below, so be sure to follow them to see the whole tour!

Also here a sneak peek at my Bookstagram page!

I can't wait for this tour, and I hope that you are able to be with me though out this one! And I also plan on doing a wrap up post about the tour once it's complete. 

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