Thursday, July 23, 2015

Today is 'THE' Day

Well, today is 'THE' day I start a book blog. I've been reading ever since I was 12 year-old in 6th grade. So I figured that since I've been reading for 6 years now, I should probably start to share my thoughts, feelings, and experiences with others. So far, I learned that I love fiction books A LOT more then non-fiction books. No offence non-fiction readers, but middle school and high school kind of killed that for me. But this doesn't mean that I'll never read non-fiction, I really enjoyed reading To Kill A Mockingbird and Silent Spring. I just read a ton more fiction then non-fiction. Only on rare occasions will you ever see a non-fiction book in my hands. Fiction is just so unpredictable, you can literally do anything with it. And I love seeing what kind of adventure authors can take me on.
 So you might be asking yourself, 'then what kind of fiction do you read?' And here's your answer; I tend to read YA fiction. There's just something about the YA style that I like. I also read YA, because most movies today a based off of YA books. For example; Divergent, The Hunger Games, The Fault in Our Stars, Vampire Academy, City of Bones, and The Maze Runner, are all YA books that made it to the big screen. I just love see books come to life right before my eyes, but most movies never live up to the book's expectations. Movies just make visualizing 'the big picture', like characters and plot lines, a lot easier. And movies also give a HUGE shout out to the author and the entire fandom. 
So you know I like YA fiction, and there are many different genres to choose from when talking about books in general. And throughout the years I've learn that my two favorite genres are, Fantasy and Sci-fi/Sci-tech. We've all had our Lord of the Rings days, and ever since I read the series back in 7th grade, I've loved fantasy. Some of my favorite fantasy books/series are Throne of Glass, Eragon, Red Queen, The Whisper of The Fallen, Doon, and Graceling. Fantasy uses that right amount of magic and supernatural phenomena that just has me head over heels. And just like we've had our Lord of the Rings days, we've also had our Star Wars and Star Trek days. I got into sci-fi when I was in 8th grade, and have loved it ever since. Some of my favorite sci-fi/sci-tech reads are Fire in The Woods, Alienated, The 5th Wave, These Broken Skies, The Host, and Cinder. I love aliens, and like how authors can do anything they want with sci-fi/sci-tech.
So there you have it, you now know what kind of books I read, my favorite genres, and where my whole reading journey started. Now, enough about me. What about you? What kind of books do you read? What's your favorite genres? And who are some of your favorite authors? Please feel free to leave your answers in the comments below.
Until next time, drink some coffee, love a cat, watch out for them feels, and dive into a good book you cant wait to read!