Book Review: Exodus in Confluence

Title: Exodus in Confluence
Author: Bryant A. Loney
Genre: Novellas/Post-Apocalypic
Publisher: Verona Booksellers
Rating: 5 Stars
Author's website:

Five months into the zombie apocalypse, seventeen-year-old Stephen Hart lived in a society where rules and humanity had left him for dead. The remaining survivors clung feverishly to whatever hope remained--religion, or a destination. But in less than one week, everything changed. (And so the cycle repeats.)

A year later, his ramshackle settlement has been compromised, as evidenced by the hordes of the undead swarming inside the gates... and Stephen is to blame. Instead of running, he takes to the airwaves, using the transmission in the now-abandoned radio station to broadcast his story via speakers to his fleeting citizens. This way, maybe he won't look like such a total monster.

With the clock running out, venture into Stephen's post-apocalyptic world, where circumstances can make us become something other then ourselves. Exodus in Confluence is mass-murderer Stephen Hart's haunting account of the December 21, 2013 tragedy in Cinder Heights, Maine. 

My Review

For starters, I'm so sorry that I haven't posted this review sooner. But with finals week and final projects to do, my focus was more on my studies then reading. But now that I'm out of school, I finish reading this short novella, and LOVED IT! It was a very quick read for it being a novella, I believe I read it in about thirty minutes. I'm very impressed that Loney was able to fit such extensive amount of detail in the time frame he had. For example, I enjoyed seeing the amount of character and plot development that took place throughout the story, as well as seeing Loney's writing style and time frame he gave himself to tell this story. The time frame is one of the major unique qualities about this novella, because the story is told by the main character in an hour and nine minutes, very specific. I also liked seeing the different ways some of the characters would cope with the fact that the world was falling apart around them, due to the dark world Loney develops. I also liked seeing the manipulation and betrayal from others characters throughout this one as well. But then of course Loney would throw a curve ball at his readers, you get to what you think is the end, but it's not. To be honest I still am not sure about what REALLY happened, or what was REALLY going on. I have a feeling that what I have concluded is right, but I still and probably will never really know if I'm right or not. But I like how Loney left the ending open for readers to interpret what they 'think really happened', just like he did in To Hear the Ocean Sigh. All in all, Loney created another smashing hit. Exodus in Confluence is a fast-paced, post-apocalyptic novella, full of fear, manipulation, survival, hope, and destruction ...or is it? 

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