Book Review: Shades of Doon

Title: Shades of Doon
Author: Carey Corp & Lorie Langdon
Genre: High Fantasy
Publisher: Blink
Series: Doon Novel (Book 3)
Rating: 5 Stars
Authors' Website:
Sasha Alsberg's interview with Carey and Lorie:

"With a final burst of effort, I lunged for Vee's hand. Our fingers touched for an instant, and then I was plunging backward into the dark. Spinning into nothing, I lost Vee, the room, everything but nauseating sensation of blindly swirling out of control.

I was at the mercy of evil, helpless to resist the Wicked Witch of Doon"

After cheating death, Veronica Welling is determined to savor every moment in her idyllic kingdom with both her true love and her best friend beside her at last. At the same time Mackenna Reid is enthusiastically building her new life and a theater with her prince. But just as their dreams of happiness are with in reach, the world Vee and Kenna have chosen is ripped away, leaving them to face their most horrific challenge yet-- their own lives.
Thrust out of Doon, the best friends are confronted with tormentors from their past and no way to return to their adopted land. When the MacCrae brothers rush to their rescue, the girls' situation turns from nightmare to modern-day fairy tale. But their happiness could be short lived: unbeknownst to them, someone in their closest friend circle is aiding the witch of Doon in her bid to destroy the kingdom once and for all.


Let me just say.... OH MY GOODNESS! This one has to be my favorite one in the series so far! Carey and Lorie have blown me away once again. I loved reading about Vee's and Kenna's adventurers in Doon throughout this on, but then also reading and learning more about their lives before Doon, and before the first book. I also love seeing more of MacCrae brothers too, swoon. I also loved seeing Kenna's and Duncan's relationship grow even more, and also seeing some Jamie and Vee action too. But then things got difficult for me to cope with. Like the fact that some people just can't die and stay dead. And that ending! Like I can't even! What the heck! Where it ended KILLED ME! I NEED THE NEXT ONE SO BAD! But at the same time I'm very curious and excited to see where; Vee, Jamie, Kenna, and Duncan, will go from here. I can't wait to see what Carey and Lorie have in story for me in the next installment, so until then.... I'll be waiting and trying to hold back the feels. 

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