Book Review: Fire in the Woods

Title: Fire in the Woods
Author: Jennifer M. Eaton
Genre: Sci-fi Romance/Adventure
Series: Fire in the Woods (Book 1)
Publisher: Month9Books
Rating: 5 Stars
Author's website:

Do you love aliens? Are you obsessed with places out of this world? If aliens ever came to Earth, would you cheer "take me to your leader"? If so, then Fire in The Woods is a must read for you! 


I loved, loved, LOVED reading this book! Jennifer Eaton took my breath way with her creative characters and exciting alien adventure. Her alien humor was off the charts, and she had me guessing at every twist and turn. This one was a very fast and amazing read. Full of adventure, mystery, and romance, Fire in The Woods is definitely one of my favorite alien reads this year!

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